The Wonder of Giving Life

Soon you will have a new reason to live and a new reason to love.

But before that it is time to cherish the changes.


Maternity photography is one of the greatest gifts a woman can give to herself.


Pictures don't just document a special time and change but also the anticipation to a new life.

Nowadays you show what you got and what the female body is capeable of.


Over are the times when a pregnant woman was seen as this fragile person who hid her belly under wide clothes. We want to hug our curves, love them and show them off.


A pregnant woman is allowed to be whoever she wants.

She can present herself as a lovely and romantic person but also empowered, strong, full of self-esteem and sexy.

Now is also the time when you get to know your body in a completely new way. You will not be the same woman as before.


Do it for yourself and also for your baby.

Children love to see where they came from.


Sessions can happen in studio or outside.

Dresses in all sizes are available.

For outdoor sessions I provide a portable changing room.

By the way ...










 ... I have a big closet full of dresses, jewelry and much more, ready for your session.



- 1 Stunde nur im Studio  (30 min. Session/ 30 min. Bildauswahl)- nur werdende Mama wird fotografiert- 1 Setup (1 Kleid oder textilfrei)- 3 Dateien inklusiveAuswahl von 3 Lieblingsbildern aus den unbearbeiteten Bildern direkt nach der Session. Nur diese werden professionell bearbeitet und stehen innerhalb von 3 Wochen als Download zur Verfügung.- nur donnerstags zwischen 9-12 Uhr Mini-Schwangerschaftssession

Kathrin Newman Photography

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