Just you - raw, real, stunning, wonderful, strong, brave and special.




This is what everyone is raving about and is a new revolution of women (and men)

We have been fighting for our rights and want to be seen as we are.

Be who we are.

With or without a "perfect" body, career or family - at any age.


 Every woman has a story which made her the woman who she is today.

And often we have been told that we are not pretty enough, thin enough, young enough or not sporty enough.


I say it's enough!


You are perfect just the way you are!


Nobody has the right to tell you who and how you are supposed to be. It's your life, your body and you are allowed to take control.


Those images are not for your partner.


They are for you only.


Showing yourself in a new light, experiment and let little "imperfections" happen and don't let it stop you.

Wonderful things can happen, when we go on this adventureous journey together.

You will love yourself more and go home stronger and with more confidence.



A professional stylist and make-up artist will take care of you and bring out your inner beauty.

Bring your own outfits or choose some from my closet in studio.

Elegant, extraordinary or sexy.

You are in the driver's seat.


Kathrin Newman Photography

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