What is Newborn Photography?

It‘s a specialist form of portrait photography capturing those first days of new life. Usually the newborns are under 10 days old when they are getting photographed.

Can anyone take these images?

The newborn images that you have been seeing and love have been created with the best equipment, using props made specially for this purpose and - the most important part - taken with skill that has been trained and perfected over several years. Your baby‘s safety comes always first. That‘s why I would always recommend to go with a photographer who has gone through proper newbon safety training and knows exactly how to handle and pose your most important treasure.
Do I book when the baby has arrived?

It‘s best to start looking for a photographer while you are still pregnant. First of all a lot of photographers are booked months in advance and so you will have enought time to find the perfect fit for you and your family. We all know that Babys come when they are ready. The date of the session will be confirmed within 48 hours of birth.


Can I wait until my baby is a little bit older?

The beauty of newborn photography are the curly and calm poses which are supposed to mimic their time in your belly. Also the little ones will be still sleepy and let us pose them easily while they sleep. After their first growth spurt babys tend to be more alert and more
sensitive to touch and wake up easier.

I‘ve heard there will be newborn photos taken in the hospital, isn‘t that enough? What‘s the difference?

These first photos are a great memory. But often Mum and Dad are not in the photos because Dad might not be in the hospital at the time and Mum just doesn‘t feel so well this shortly after brith. A professional newborn session will take up to three hours and will focus on you as a family. We will take images with the parents and older sibling and of course of baby alone. Mum also had a few days to relax at home and feel normal again. With no pressure you are supposed to relax and enjoy the experience at the studio before everyday life sets in.



Most clients choose the “Collection”. Here they don’t just have the chance to receive a premium product which can be passed on to the next
generation but they can also take all the digital files home.
“Darling”-Clients invest anywhere from 600€ to 800€. Clients who choose the “SWEETIES”-line usually invests under 600€.


Quality. Service. Knowledge. Custom sessions are not for everyone. I am specially and specifically trained to be a newborn photographer. It takes an enormous amount of time to get to a level in training where new parents trust you with their most precious gift. I invested a lot of time and commitment in my training and love what I do and keep on training and staying up to date with the latest trends. Also the creation of new backgrounds and props takes a lot of time, which I do to be able to presenting my clients a perfect result and surprise them with new ideas every time. That also means the creative process in the background never stops growing.

A custom experience!

Just like a midwife I’m on call for you. Becasue nobody of us knows when baby decides to come earthside I need to be prepared for baby that come early and those who come a bit later. But when you book with me you can be sure that I will have a definite appointment for you around your due date.
Just like other branches also have different forms of business, for example discounter, department stores or boutiques my studio falls into the category of a boutique photostudio which can also be recognized by high-end and fine art products and the service that comes with this business model.


Which one of them you will choose depends on your budget and how customized you want your session.

DARLING SESSION is a completely planned and customized session for your entire family. In the end you will be able to view and choose from 30-40 edited images at the ordering appointment.

SWEETIES SESSION is a shorter but still complete session which concentrates
exclusively on your baby. There will be about 15-20 images ready at the
ordering appointment.


That’s when the fun begins! We will meet and talk about what you are expecting from your session. When you book your “Darling-Session” I want to know everything about you, your children, your home, your style -
The reason is easy: I want to make sure that I create the perfect session that fits with your color sheme in your home and also reflects your style. I will also provide you with advice about outifts. We will talk about all your questions so you can be prepared and relaxed at the day of your session. 


To Answer this question I need to give you a little backstory.
Newborn photography is most successful when we photograph baby within the first 10 days after the birth. That’s when they are still fresh and sleepy and will let me put them in those cute curly poses. And this short after birth your focus shouldn’t be on finding a photographer that has an open spot for you. That is why I am putting your due date long before in my calendar so you can be sure that I won’t have any other appointments around that time. As soon as baby arrives you will let me know and once your home from the hospital we set the actual session appointment within a few days.
Everything happens quite fast but you are already prepared because you have visited the studio and met me before and learned everything about the process at the Pre-Consultation appointment. So you know you can come well prepared and relaxed and make yourself a home at my studio and just let me do my work and look forward to your images.


It depends but a timeframe of about 2-3- weeks is realistic. As soon as I am done with the editing process I will contact you and we will meet at my studio for your viewing and ordering appointment. Here you choose if you would like to have only digitals from an A la Carte - list or decide to go for the “Collection”. Of course I do not leave you alone with your decisions and guide you through the appointment and ordering process.

Depending on what product you choose it can take in between 1-3 weeks until you can take your final products home and enjoy them.

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