I just met you and already love you

The moment you get to hold your baby for the first time, changes everything.

You have a new reason to love and and a new reason to live.

Everything is perfect. Your baby is perfect. And suddenly it seems time stands still for a moment.


Wouldn't it be great to capture this feeling forever?


With a professional newbornsession I can do exactly that. But before we start, we begin with the end in mind.


During your pregnancy I invite you into my studio and we talk about everything you and I need to know about your session. I ask you about colors and style of your home and your vision of the pictures. You will get all the information about the experience and process. I show you the studio, props and products. The session fee reserves your spot in my calendar. Of course we don't know yet when you baby will arrive. I'll explain to you how it works.


Newbornsessions are very special. That's why we are always alone in the studio with no disturbance. The session takes up to 3 hours to account for enough time for you and your family. We capture the love to your brand new baby and maybe even capture the very first family picture. 


Newborns are usually between 5-10 days old. The session happens in my studio in Bad Windsheim.

It is fully equipped for the needs of newborns and their parents.


We have a seating area as well as a fully equipped kitchen, feeding area, changing table and play area for older siblings. About 2-3 weeks we invite you back into the studio for the cinematic reveal. This is when you see your fully edited images for the first time and also choose your favorite products.


There is also a big variety of props, clothes, hats and headbands available for the newborn session. If adults need clothes, there is also a closet full of dresses and shirts.


Kathrin Newman has been photographing newborns since 2009 and keeps always up to date.

Safety always comes first and she will never force a baby into a position which is uncomfortable for your baby.

Several awards show her expertise.


All rooms, props and surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized after every session. Due to the nature of this time consuming process we can only take a limited amount of clients per week. It is advised to book your session already during your pregnancy and reserve your spot via paying the session fee.


To get more information about the session and booking process, please send a message to


 or call 09841 6 85 27 78


Products are chosen seperately and are not included in the session fee.

By the WAy ...





... KATHRIN NEWMAN PHOTOGRAPHY is a full-service-studio which means we provide all dresses, props, headbands and backdrops that are needed for your session. You don't need to take care of anything.


Kathrin Newman Photography

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