Happy Birthday!

Wow! You are almost one year old now!


Time seems to have flown by but we had so much fun along the way. Unbelievable what you have learned in this short time.

You started to roll over, then could sit on your own, started crawling, the first teeth started to show and soon enough you will be running around and start talking.


A child's first year is magic!

So many milestones in such a short amount of time.

They will never grow up so fast and learn so much than in their first year.

I'm saying this is a true reason to celebrate!


We do that with a Cake Smash session. Those sessions usually have a certain theme and the baby is allowed to smash their cake.

At the end of the session they get a warm bubble bath.

But why am I talking so much. Look for yourself.


(All images are pages from real sessions and real photo albums for the families)

YOu want to document the whole year?

Then the "Watch-me-grow"-Package is perfect for you.


Ask me how it works.


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