THe experience

Breathtaking Images.


That's what we create here together. And you deserve to see these images every day.

Images on your wall are what make a home and why shouldn't the wall art be of your family?

It is very important to me that all products, that go home with you are made from the best materials and quality and will last a lifetime.


I do have a lot of international clients and some families are hesitant to invest in products because they are afraid, they will get damaged, when they have to move again. I got you covered! We talk about how to keep your precious products safe and how to get them safe and sound to your next location in person, when you choose your products.


There is also nothing worse when you book a photosession, just to be unhappy with the results later when they don't fit your style. It happened to me before and I know the feeling. My goal is to get the best out of the session for you, so you are proud to share them with the world.


 Before the Session we plan everything and talk about your vision and what you want to do with the pictures in the end. I offer a variety of products from wall art to albums and high-end prints. Let me explain my process to you.


Pre-Consultation & Planning

We either meet at the studio or at your home. I get to know you and your family and can help you better with your vision. Also we can take a look at your closet to find out what outfits you might want to wear. I can also see how much room you have on your walls to design wall-galleries for you as well as plan for an album.

The Session

On the day of the session we will have so much fun! Now it pays off to have planned everything prior and you can be totally relaxed during the session. Depending on what session you have booked, you will get a professional hair & make-up or we get right to taking pictures. I hold your hand during the session and show you how to pose and what looks most flattering.

Viewing- & Ordering Appointment

This is the exciting part!

Today is my favorite day, because you get to see your fully edited images for the first time during a cinematic reveal and I can't wait to hear what you say and see your reactions. Also, you get to pick your favorite products and finally really start designing your walls and albums. Once this is done, you get to go home and let me do the rest.

Before you go home

Finally! Your order is ready for pick-up or delivery. You won't stop swooning over your products. There will be a lot of "Ooohs" and "Aaahs" and maybe some tears of joy. Every piece of your order will be carefully packaged and even with big wall-art I will make sure that everything gets to you in once piece.

And every time you look at your pictures you will remember this special day and time your live.

Kathrin Newman Photography

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