THe Experience

We do things differently here

"I'm already happy when I get one or two good images"


This is something I hear quite often because a lot of clients

have never had a professional experience and don't know what is possible.



Don't worry. I'm sure we are able to take a few more good pictures. My process and experience is different.

I know, I know - you have heard this promise a thousand times. But just try it for youself and let's get to know each other during a phone or video call.


Before we take on picture, we talk about the entire process. And because I know how important images are for your of your family, I take extra time for you to really get to understand, what you expect. Some questions might be a bit personal but I want you to have a stress-free experience as well as create a fun environment for your family. And of course make sure you go home with the products you want. I can only do that when I know, what your goal is.


- How awesome would it be, when your maternity images go perfectly with your newborn pictures?
- Trends come and go, but timeless images of your family will last forever.

- Do you have a hobby, occupation or sport you want to incorporate into the images?

- And we also need to talk about, what you want to do with the pictures and how you want to display them.


When all questions are answered we can talk about a good time and date for your session.


Kathrin Newman Photography

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