We do things differently

The entire process step-by-step:

  • Pre-Consultation and planning session
  • Day of the session
  • Cinematic reveal and odering appointment
  • Pick-up or delivery of your order
  • Long-Term Plan (Watch-Me-Grow)

You want to book a session but where to start?

First we will meet in the studio and talk about your vision. We always begin with the end in mind.

This first appointment is very important for everything that comes next. Newbeonphotos are usually taken within the first 14 days after birth and once your baby arrived your whole worl revolves around this little bundle.


That’s why we already meet during your pregnancy and talk about your vision: ‘How do you want to present your images in the end? Do you want an unique album or a wall collection or do you want to be more flexible and keep the images in a foliobox and change them out from time to time?’
Together we will find the perfect solution for you and I am here to guide you.

We will also talk about colors for the session. The goal is for your images to fit perfectly into your home and accentuate your décor. So you won't end up like this lady to the left, we also talk about wardrobe choices.

 The experience is supposed to be an unforgettable one and at the same time to be as easy and relaxed as possbile. That's why we are always there for you as an expert and answer any questions.


You Booked!

Awesome! We are already looking forward to your session appointment and we are just as excited to me your baby as you are. But we all might have to wait a few more weeks ar months. You already booked about two to three months before your due date and locked your spot in with a non-refundable retainer fee. But how does all of this work?

Your due date is locked into our calendar. Because of the nature of a newborn sessions and the extensive planning that comes with it we can only take a certain amount of newborns per week to give every family the same attention that they deserve.

The next time we hear from each other is when your baby arrived into this world. Either you or your partner will call us a few days after birth and there we will talk about the actual session date so we get to take the the photos preferably within the first 14 days.

Camera, light, action!

We start the day off on a relaxed note. Newborn Sessions always start at either 9 am or 2 pm. Once you arrive at the studio you get to sit down for a moment and we talk about your vision again and see if anything has changed. If you haven’t last fed your baby at home now is the time to do so. We make sure that your baby gets a good feeding and will drift off into a good deep sleep. The session will take about 2-3 hours so we have enough time for another feeding, diaper changing and the pictures.

We start the session with the family photos and then move on to the set ups with just the baby. That’s the point when it is time for you to lean back and relax. Several couches are ready for you and invite you to enjoy your time. Several beverages, snacks and free Wi-Fi are always there for you.

When will We see the pictures?

It takes about 2-3 weeks until we meet again for your cinematic reveal session. We pick the best images from the session and edit the selection for you. As soon as the images are ready we will contact you to come back for your ordering appointment.

We put your images into a slideshow and that’s how you will see them for the  very first time. Now the fun really begins! Together we will design your wall gallery, albums, folioboxes and presents for your loved ones. There are almost no limits.

And we’re basically done! You go home and just wait for your order to arrive at my studio. Depending on what you choose, it takes about 14 days for everything to arrive. As soon as the order is ready fot pick-up I will contact you again.

You want more? How about a Long-Term Plan and a Watch-Me-Grow package?

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