The wonder of life

Maternity photography is one of the biggest gifts we can give to ourselves as women. Those images document a very special time in our lives. A time of change, happiness but also the unknown - how will live be with a baby?

Soon you will have a new reason to live and a new reason to love.

The time leading up to the new normal is a time full of change

that needs to be embraced in a special way. 

A baby is growing inside you. At first it's tiny and barely noticable and before you know you you hold a 20 something inch bundle in your arms.

Indulge in a special photography experience and feel radiant!


You and your body do such incredible things during pregnancy!

Give yourself a time-out and be the center of attention.


Years down the line you will also be able to show your kids where they come from and how much you have loved them even before you met them.


We make sure not to just take any pictures.

We want to show you how awesome you are

and present you in a way that is truly timeless and can stand the change of times. 


By the way ...










... there is a big closet full of dresses

for you in the studio.

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Kathrin Newman Photography

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