We begin with the end in mind

After the session is before the session.


When you see your images for the first time it is also time to choose and design your favorite products.


The day we meet for the pre-consultation we already show you all of our products in detail. You don't need to settle for anything that day but it's good to know what is possible and then you can plan ahead before your session. You then have the time at home to sit down with the thorough price list and talk about wall art or a coffe table album so when the time comes you are ready to order.


Your session is unique and that is exactly what your products should be. That is why we don‘t offer pre-made packages because everyone has a different taste and style and favorite product. You know best what fits for you. You create your own collection in two easy steps.

Only with The Collection do you have the opportunity to take ALL of the digital negatives home. If you choose the high-resolution files you get every photo as a 5x7 print in our exclusive handmade box. You also get to choose between  our birth announcements or a Triplex.

Of course you can choose to only take the digital negatives home. You can get them in packs of 10 on a USB-drive on the day of your ordering appointment.



All products are handmade.

You can choose from different albums, wall art and folioboxes.


Kathrin Newman takes care of the framing herself and to get full control prints in studio on special Fine-Art Paper with DH Ink.


There's something for everyone and almost all products are fully customizable.

Most clients invest 1000 € in a custom photosession knowing that they made the right decision for a once in a lifetime experience, safety and high-end products that live in the famillies homes for years to come.


Albums start at 400 €

Wall Portraits start at  250 €

Foliobox starts at 620 €

10 digital files 450 €



Did you know?

Even before you can hang your wall art in your home we can show you virtually what the different options can look on your walls as well as give you suggestions about grouping different images together. How it works we show you at your pre-consultation.

Kathrin Newman Photography

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