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You have found my blog which means you have been looking around my website for a bit already. Maybe you have also found the varieties of Sessions I'm offering. One of them is the "Watch-me-grow"-Session.


This is the allrounder package: Newborn, six months, nine months and first birthday.


In September 2015 I finished my first "Watch-me-grow"-package.

I'm going to show you a few photos of the sessions and will explain a bit as we go along. I also wanted to let you know that I'm only going to book a handful of these sessions a year. 2016 already has a few booked, so be quick!


But now to the newborn photos of this little lady. She visited me for the first time in September 2014 and we came up with these great photos. The newborn photos focus on the small size of the babys. It is also important to show them in different poses and how stretchy they still are just like they were in the womb. This state doesn't last for very long and that's why newborn photos are taken in the first 10 days. The first four weeks are the fastes ones in a babys' life and they already go through their first growth spurts and put on some good weight.


After that the six month photos are up. But this timeframe is stretchable. We focus on the next stage of baby. When baby can sit on her own, starts to become more active, starts to laugh and giggle and become aware of her own body. These are the things I want to show in the photos. We are going to play, play with hands and feet, laugh. And sometimes you can already see some teethies.

Oh my, I could just eat her up! The nine months photos focus on the size. Soon baby will be one year old and starts to crawl and/or walk.

And this is how fast a year goes by. Just like that she isn't so small anymore but a big girl. She can walk, interact, starts to blabber and has her own way. And she showed us her way on her Cake Smash Session. Usually these are bit messier, but little Miss knew it better and oh did she make it clear to me and her mom. Well, we take what we can get.

Well behaving child I must say: Cucumber tastes better than cake! By the way, mom made it herself and even if little Miss didn't share the same opinion I thought it tasted good.


I hope it is easier to understand the reason for the package now and if you have any questions, you know where you can find me ;)


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