The best present ever

The family which I'm going to show you in the following photos has given me the best present in the whole wide world.


When I'm done editing the photos, I prepare a little slideshow with music to present the photos for the first time.

After that, parents often have a hard time deciding which photos is supposed to go on the wall or which ones are going to be in an album. I must admit, it makes me proud when I see my cleints having a hard time deciding which photo they like best, when they go "uh" and "ah" about each one.


But then this family came by.


When they came into my studio to see the slideshow, it only took until the second photo and mom was over and beyond and tears started rolling down her cheeks. It took me a moment to realize what was going on and when it finally clicked I couldn't but also shed a few tears of joy.


Words cannot describe the feeling inside of me in this moment. Pride, Joy, Delight. Everything at the same time.


These moments are the reason for me to get up every morning and continue with my work.

These events are the ones I look back onto when I had a bad day or had to find out that someone was badmouthing about me and my work once again.


That's when I know, it's worth the cost.

It's worth the struggle.

The time invested, the long nights are all worth it.


At the end of the day, I'm just an ordinary human being who is trying to give her best in this life.


Thank you dear V. family.





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