"I could cry"

Today a very urgent message from a client reached me.

We have had many sessions together and she wrote:

"I could cry, my USB-drive with all the photos is gone. "


Her husband had shared the drive within the family and it got lost somehow.

The bad thing about it is that she hadn't backed up all the files yet.

Luckily I have all the photos from the past few years on a external hard drive and could give her a quick fix to the problem.


Now she wrote: " You are the best!!! I'm crying right now but of joy because you saved my day!!! Some things should be kept in a safe and not given to anyone. I don't have words for how happy you are making me!!!"

But why am I telling you this? Easy. I do understand nowadays in our digital age everyone wants to have digital files of their photos and this is one of the most asked questions in my business:

"Do we get all the files on a disc?"

It is very easy to transfer files in between devices, share with family and print as many photos as you want. But this digital medium isn't without failure. Discs don't last forever and a USB-drive can break so easily.

Unfortunately because of said reasons a digital file and the work of a photographer has lost its worth. Nowadays it is so easy to take your own photos. Every cell phone has a camera which you can pull out whenever and wherever you want to take snapshots

Trusting a professional potographer to take photos of your family, to pose you in an advantageous way and give it his personal artistic touch has become luxury. Nevertheless people still don't honor the photos.

My client from above has learned the actual worth of her photos today. Not only she lost digital files that are worth a few hundred Euros but also an emotional worth, a piece of history of her life.

If these photos had been lost forever she would have had lost a session of herself, her daughters' newborn session, a few sessions of her kids and the family from the past few years.

 An irretrievable loss.


That's why I always try to show the actual worth of a photograph.

Theses images will be passed on over the decades and that's only possible if the images have been printed professionally. Only professional papers and inks will guarantee a long life of these precious memories. Every client doesn't only get professional prints at my studio but also a littly leaflet with important advice on how to care for your photos and USB-drive.

I hear almost every day that people think photographers are expensive and the only thing I have to say is that you pay me only my time and work, my gear, my art and knowledge and material.

The actual worth of a photograph is priceless.


A photograph shows a picture of the moment of the session. When you see your photos one or two weeks later you will not be the same person as in the photo. Within a few days even you change. You learned something new and you grew a bit (emotinally). You can see that change even better in your children, newborns or pregnancies.

If you have any more questions regarding this topic, let me know and we will find the perfect solution for you together.

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