Where did all the flowers go?

One of the Specials I offer is the "Watch me grow" - Package. One of the lucky families who got one of the spots are these cuties.

You were able to see some photos of her already. Now she came back for her nine month photos and she brought her big proud brother.

You can clearly see in the photos: They are pros!

For every "Watch-me-grow"-Session I get together with the parents and go over ideas they might have for the different sessions. K's mom wanted photos on a field of flowers. No problem - that's what I thought.

That it would be so hard for us to find nice big field of flowers around Bad Windsheim, which wasn't directly next to a street I would never believe. A whole week we were looking for the perfect spot. No luck.

I really couldn't believe it! And the longer I was thinking about this, the sadder I got. When we were little almost every day we brought home masses of picked bouquets. But on those fields there are no more flowers growing. They now grew houses with sterile gardens.


But then we found a small alternative: In Oberntief around the pond we found a few little fields of wildflowers.

We got to go there! And we did. Here's the result:

We maybe did not succeed finding a real big wildflower field but the photos turned out great and a sweet smile like hers makes everything better.

Anyways, it did make me think and I wanted to make a small change.

My kids and I planted a small flower bed in our child-proof backyard and seeded a whole lot of wild flowers. It's going to take bit longer but you can see a few blossoms peeking out already. And the best thing: They seed themselves and over the years we will not just have this little field but the entire garden will be covered in flowers and they will be a great big delicious buffet for bees and butterflies.

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