You're a first-time Mom - 6 Signs

The other day I had my friend and her family over and we were sitting together for a nice dinner at my home. My friend is currently pregnant and is about to have her second child (yay!!). Her first born is a bit older and is going to school already.

The new baby will arrive soon and we of course talked about how it will be when baby #2 arrives and how she would see some things differently than with her first child.

I had to agree and came to thinking what good resolutions I had when I was first pregnant. With your first child you think everything is glitz and glamour even though seasoned moms will tell you differently. You yourself are certain to be the best mom ever lived on this planet and you will learn from other people's mistakes.

I for example wanted to be one of those moms who only buy wooden and educative toys. Yeah, right ...

But here's a list of 6 signs you might be a first time mom.

My diaper bag was always fully packed and ready to go even though I only had to run a little errand.

Diapers? ✓

Wet wipes? ✓

Bottles? ✓

Formula? ✓

Hot Water? ✓

Snacks? ✓

Toys? ✓

Spit rags? ✓

Extra clothes? ✓

Extra spit rag when the other one would be too filthy? ✓

Paci? ✓

und extra paci? ✓

✓, ✓ and extra-✓!

Prepared for everything! My second child wasn't as fortunate. Somehow wuick pack a diaper and wet wipes, prepare the bottle at home and grab it. If I thought about it a spit rag. If we had lost the paci somewhere well I was destined to listen to a screaming child or run to the closest store and buy a new one.

I sanitized everything!

And I mean everything! Bottles, Pacis, Kitchen counter, changing mat. As I just mentioned we often forgot a second paci and the first one was always gone, so I bought new ones on the go. Normally you are supposed to boil them before you give them to the child. A bit of lukewarm water that was left in the thermos for bottle making is doing it just fine.


Internet taught me everything about babies.

The months before the birth of my first child and long after that I basically read every article online that was about babies. No matter if articles were saying two different things about the same topic, I believed it. I was sure to get the right information. 


I thought my child was in constant life threatening danger. 

She still breathing? Yes, she's breathing.

She feels a bit warm, she might have a fever.

Every little thing that didn't seem normal meant the end of the world for me. My first child liked to sleep in and was able to sleep from midnight to 9 a.m. without waking up. The first couple times I freaked out and was even afraid to look into her bed. Until I found out she just likes to sleep. Of course I also checked up on my second kind if she was healthy and o.k. but wasn't as scared and helpless anymore as with the first one.

No unhealthy foods.

I made sure my big kid wasn't eating anything unhealthy. Apple juice would get watered down until you couldn't taste it anymore. No ice cream, no chocolate, no fries before the first birthday. That was my rule and I followed it - maybe I was a little loose with the ice cream ... She loved tomatoes and cucumbers. I can't really recall it anymore but somehow my second child ended up sitting at the restaurant, munching on fries with a big smile on her face.

I took photos every day. 

The camera was always there. No matter what my first child did, I had to capture it. I wanted to be able to have the same amount of photos of children. I failed.

All in all, all moms or moms-to-be are nothing but humans and we are not perfect. We don't have to be. As long as our children are healthy and happy and loved, everything will be allright.



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