What sets you apart?

As a photographer it is hard nowadays to set yourself apart from others. Everyone has a digital camera nowadays and doesn't even hesitate to compare it with a professional DSLR, but that's a different topic ...

I would like to show you today a little bit of my editing workflow and what we as professionals can do with a good picture to make it even better. This is what sets us apart from hobbyists.

This is a photo of my oldest daughter. I only did some minor tweaks to it. For example brightened up the face a bit. The sun was standing behind her so there was a shadowfalling across her face.

Explanation: Sun behind an object = shadows in front.

And easy photography rule you can remember for yourself :)

I liked the photo as it was already, of course also because it shows my own daughter but also because it's a good composition. But now I'm going to show you a few different ways how I edited this photo. 

You must but notice not every edit works for this photo. In my opinion the first one is the best match. The others I went over board a bit on purpose to show you different ways and styles.

This is also part of being a professional photographer: Getting the best out of the photo.

Some of you might say now: "There are apps out there which do it for you, why do I need you?"

I only can tell you I have an eye for what needs to be done to a photo. I don't say these apps are bad but they can not replace the eye of a human being or the experience of a professional photographer.

Just like a carpenter needs to know his tools a photographer needs to know how to handle his camera and to use photoshop in a tasteful way and if an edit is even necessary. Sometimes photos are perfect when you upload them to your computer and you only need to get rid of some blemishes in the face. More editing would just ruin the photo. 

I would like to show you my favorite edit of this photo. This edit was my first result because I knew exactly where I wanted to go with the picture. The photos above were created afterwards. 

This photo reminds me of the beautiful day in spring this photo was taken. It's so light and it feels a little like a photo from 70s. Love it!

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