Colorful Teamwork

Each and every client is important to me.


No matter if big or small.

My tiniest visitors will from now on receive a special surprise. But more of that in a bit.

First I want to tell you a bit of backstory as to why I'm giving away the surprises.

Some of you may know that I'm a mom who basically had to start her small business because no one would hire her anymore with two children. Of course I love being a photographer and how everything turned out but being self-employed wasn't supposed to be in the picture for another few years until my kids would have been a bit older.  But business owners out there don't make it easy on moms. That's why I stepped up and decided in October of 2013 to become a business owner myself. 

There are many more women and moms like me out there in Bad Windsheim. They all have children but also love their profession or hobby and have decided to turn their passion into a business. I myself know how hard it is to have a start up and trying to find customers each and every day. And at the same time be taken seriously by the people out there.

That's why I decided for myself to help others.

A little bit ago by total coincidence I found Franzi. She is the woman behind "Kreative Papierfee - Franziska Haag". And she does magic with paper like no one else. Her work is professional and unique. I really recommend checking out her page on Facebook.


But now to the little surprises for the tiny people. I really wanted to give my newborn-clients a special gift. The birth of a child is something wonderful and special at the same time and it needs to be celebrated. Now Franzi comes in. She creates these gorgeous mobiles for babys - and an idea was born! From now on every newborn baby who comes in for a session will receive such a mobile from me as agift.

That means in the end when you come and support me, I support another small business in Bad Windsheim!

I want to be a good example and hope a few more will follow my lead. When you hire a small business you can be sure that this money will help the people directly who run it. Your money helps a child to take riding lessons or learning to play an instrument. Or maybe this family will have something extra for christmas.

And don't forget, when you come to a small business, most of the time you get to talk with the owner directly ;)

I bet you are curious how the mobiles look, right?

Here we go! Here it is! This is one of the examples which found a spot in my studio.

But you never know what you will receive :)

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