Why hire a professional?

Why should I hire a professional photographer?

Because sometimes you get only one chance to get it right and nothing can bring back a certain moment. Nothing is more precious than the memory of a person.


When people or long lost friends ask what I'm up to lately I of course answer: "I'm a professional photographer". "Oh really? And I bet you got a pretty expensive camera, a big one. My Uncle George also has one like this. It takes awesome photos". Of course I'm not the one to judge Uncle George's talent. Maybe he really knows how to handle his camera. But I still stand there and think to myself, what would a carpenter say (oh your hammer builds cool furniture) or a hairdresser (your scissors cut nice hairstyles). Chances are they would burst out laughing. I most of the time just stand there, look at them and don't even bother to explain myself. It's easier that way sometimes ...

Everyone can get professional tools via Internet nowadays. But I'm sure that someone who is experienced in his field and has several years under his belt can create better things than someone who watched a video online. I think we all are guilty of this :)

Even I had to learn the basics of photography. My personal style I was able to form with lots of practice, trial and error.

Today I would like to show you a few advantages why it's sometimes better to hire a professional photographer than letting Uncle George taking care of your memories:

Consistency. Professional Photographers can recreate a photo or lighting situation over and over again. I'm sure you were able before to take a good snapshot with your phone but can you recreate it? 


Being there at the right moment. Every bride knows what I'm talking about. Nothing is more frustrating than not having a photo of "THAT SPECIAL MOMENT". A professional photographer is only there for your on your wedding day. Uncle George might be having an important conversation with Aunt Vroni or is going to be overwhelmed by that moment that he might forget to take the shot. Or even better, grandmas giant hat is in the way and forever in your "First kiss"- photo.

Knowing your gear. Photographer are not just there to take snapshots. They don't just need to know their camera settings (ISO, shutter speed, f-stop) but also need to know how these play together. Crop, Prime or Zoom? It's also important to choose the correct lens for the right situation. You might think it doesn't matter but it does. The wrong lens can make your head look huge if you are not far away enough from the lens.

We're already talking about techniques - let's jump right to posing techniques. Have you ever noticed how celebrities on the red carpet never let themselves being photographed straight on? As a photographer it is my task to photograph you in the best way possible. Sometimes a pose might seem uncomfortable but believe me the photo will look gorgeous in the end!

Even photographers are artists. PHOTOSHOP! Is the first thing people think about when they hear the word "photographer". Yes, photoshop is a science and even my own husband thought it's easy. Just FYI he wanted to design himself a new tattoo, gave up after two minutes. Didn't even get it to work. Of course we photographers use photoshop but not to manipulate the photos like in magazines but to enhance our personal style. We retouch acne or scratches. But there are so many more effects you can create in photoshop like black and white. Every photographer has his or her own style and we use photoshop to enhance photos not to destroy them.


Professionalism. Especially small businesses like myself which are run by only one person (me :) ) strive to give their customers a professional experience. You won't find cookie cutter photos here. We work closely with our clients to give them the best experience possible. But also hope to have enough freedom for our own style. There's nothing better for us to know that our work is hanging in our clients' homes and make them and their visitors happy.

Professionalism comes in the picture especially with newborn photography. We need to know how to handle newborns correctly and never put them at risk throughout the session. I'm a mom myself and my experience helps me with my job but I do have to admit that working as a newborn photographer has taught me so much more about babys and their needs.

Knowledge I would have liked to have a few years ago ...

And here we are at the end of this blog post and I would like to show you an example of the difference of a hobbyist and a professional. Both photos were taken by myself.  

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