Four paws and cold snouts

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Oftentimes people ask me "what is it that you photograph" when I tell them that I'm a professional photographer.

My answer to this is: "Everybody who wants to have their pictures taken".

Well and that's why I went ahead and photographed the four-legged friends of a very nice small-business owner.

Our main goal was to photograph the handmade harnesses she makes when she's not at her daytime job. The photos were meant for her online shop to present them to future customers.  

Her custome sewn harnesses are perfectly designed for every dog because they are made by the dogs measurements. I learned from Silke  that harnesses are much better for your dog. And as a very special service you get the harnesses in your favorite color. But that's not all services she offers. She's also a pro in the clicker training and knows a lot about dogs.


So getting to know Silke and her small business "Hands and Paws" can only but worth it! But now a few more shots from our session :)

You barely see people who can communicate with their dogs without words and care for them in such a lovely way.

That's why it's not just awesome for me to see her being a real mama to her dogs but she also gives this love to other people's dogs by making these lovely items for them.

Here you get to see her with her two "dwarfs" Mila and Tyson in their beautiful harnesses. Please leave her a "like" on her  Facebook-page. So someone who really deserves it gets a little bit of support. 

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