Forever mine, forever thine, forever ours!

With these two cuties I had so much fun!


Beginning of December Carina messaged me to schedule a shoot with her boyfriend for pictures she could give as gifts to her family for christmas. Of course! I'm always up for that!

Unfortunately we had to reschedule the shoot twice due to illness. I was afraid we wouldn't be able to let it happen outdoors.

The weather was getting worse but I didn't want them to have boring studio photos. Carina is a super cool gal and was like: "Well, then will have photos in the rain!". Awesome, no problem for me either :)

But then we were able to schedule the appointment and all I can say is: Best weather! A little cold but we didn't care. Why else are there swedish furniture stores out there which sell awesomely gorgeous blankets ;)

We laughed away the cold. I was crying at times I had to laugh so hard. These two are awesomely lovely people.

Thank you!


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