Behind the scene - newborn

Yay! It's finally friday! And the weather seems to get better as well.

But I don't want to bore with talks about the weather. I want to give you an exclusive look behind the scenes of

newborn photography.

You probably wondered before how newborn photographers manage to pose 5-10 day old babys in ways they would never be able to do on their onw.

As far as I'm aware no newborn has ever been able to lift and hold his head up for minutes on its own. That's why it's crucial for us real newborn photographers to put safety first. We do not only need to know how make a baby sleep but also watch out for his safety at all times throughout the session. But the job doesn't just end here. It's also essential to know photoshop and how to use it correctly. Parents want tasteful and professional photos of their newborns and we as professionals will grant this wish.

I would like to show you an example of one of my recent sessions and how this photo was made. 

The left photo shows you the original photo with NO editing to it!

On the right side you see the end result after about 45 min. of editing


Obviously the mom is holding her sons head up so we can see his cute face better but we don't necessarily want her in the photo like this. To edit her out of the picture it takes about 20-30 minutes. The next step is to clean up babys skin. Very often these little ones have baby acne or are just a red face or have to deal with jaundice. These "flaws" I can correct in photoshop.

Some people say it's unnatural to photoshop a baby but as far as I'm aware none of the parents have complained so far. When baby is born they sometimes have long fingernails and scratch themselves. I edit out these minor things. Important little details like flaking of the skin or moles are staying untouched of course. Before I edit anything I talk to the parents and ask them what they think is important and know how far I can go.

It's important to me that you know before you come to me for a newborn shoot that your bundle of joy is in the best hands. I photograph newborns for about 4 years now and attended several workshops. If I don't feel safe to put baby in a certain pose or feel that baby is not asleep I won't do them. Over the years I learned to "read" babys. Not every baby will let me put it in all kinds of positions. As small they seem they do know what they want. Sometimes it's hard for me to tell parents that baby will not do a certain pose they would have liked but I will not put their child in danger or make it feel uncomfortable. Safety first!

I mentioned before that babys need to be in a deep sleep before I can even start with my session. That's why I learned and read up on a few techniques. And again - not everything works for every baby. But I do know more than one technique ;)

What? You want to know?

Nope. Not gonna tell you but you are more than welcome to stop by with your little one and see the magic happen for yourself :)


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